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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tony Schiappacasse who was born in Boulder, Colorado on January 30, 1988 and died in Salida, Colorado on June 23, 2005 at the age of 17. 

Before I continue, I have a question to ask Tonys' friends who were around him during the week of June 23rd 2005-  I suspect that Tonys' death may have been an accident that no one wanted to discuss with me..(after all, he was on his knees). I think I know what  happened (I saw a similar story on "Law and Order") but no one else has mentioned it! - Please, please... if you think Tonys' death was not a suicide but an accident, email me(bschiappa@msn.com) and let me know what you know.  Did any of you "play" the "Choking Game" with him? I'm not looking for someone to blame-and I am not angry at any of you! I'm just trying to understand.  />Thanks to all of you who continue to support me, in person and through this site.  It means a lot to me. 

Tony shot the Vegas video and you can hear his 2003 voice saying "un-huh, I know".  I've included some songs we played together on guitars, listened to, sang to, and enjoyed together.  The background music is by Jimmy Webb and is called "The moon is a harsh mistress" from the album Ten Easy Pieces.   (Tony grew up listening to a large variety of music thanks to his late father, Joe).

Tony experienced much love and happiness in his short life, but also lived with a broken heart from the loss of his older sister and even more, his father's untimely death in March of 2002.
He gave much happiness to all who knew him.  One friend said "man that kid could dance".  I remember!   I often smile when I think of what a cool, crazy kid  he was. 

We held a "one year" memorial service and butterfly release on Friday June 23,2006 at Tony's graveside to celebrate his life and spirit.    Thanks for all who came to support me and remember Tony. 

Thanks again for your encouragement and support.

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Too often forgotten...   / Ashleigh Morawski (Friend)
It's so easy to forget. It's been so long. Even I'm guilty of it. We get busy. School, work, relationships, life. Trying to keep up with anything and everything. Trying to keep up with each other. We forget to stop and take time to remember how amazi...  Continue >>
guillermo schiappacasse salutes you from argentina !!!   / Guillermo Schiappacasse (same last name )
dear barbara, im so sorry about your loss,i hope god bless you and comfort you and your family. im a pastor here in san miguel buenos aires,got a wife and a daughter,lizzy,(4) i send you a big kiss!!
You'll never be forgotten!!!   / Kellie Schulte (Friend)
Tony,You touched my life and my heart on so many different levels.You taught me how precious life is and showed me how important it is to cherish every day and everyone in your life. I'm a better person for having known you!! Thank you for being part...  Continue >>
We miss you...   / Ashleigh Morawski (friend)
It really sucks that Tony had to go so soon. He was only 17, but he is with God in a better place. And his memories will always be with me for sure.
Still crosses my mind from time to time   / Jessica Partridge (Swindle) (High school friend )
Tony was my first ever high school “boyfriend” at Doherty High School our freshman year. I switched schools in 10th grade and we didn’t stay in touch. None the less, he’s always had a place deep in my heart. I think about him from time to time, even ...  Continue >>
Anyone been to Tony's grave recently?  / Barb (MOM)    Read >>
connection to a daughter.....  / Joseph Morawski (acquaintance)    Read >>
Miss you buddy!  / Hunter Kunkel (Friend)    Read >>
i miss you dogg  / Mike (friend)    Read >>
Wish You Were Here  / Josiah Kaan (Friend)    Read >>
We still miss you.  / Seth Myers (Friend)    Read >>
A quarter of the way there.  / Ashleigh Morawski     Read >>
I don't even know what to say.  / Ashleigh Morawski (Friend)    Read >>
so very sorry  / SHARI WHITEHEAD (PASSER-BY)    Read >>
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Tony at All Saints School in Vicksburg
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